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We are selective about our projects and only work with a few clients at a time. This approach allows us to build genuine partnerships and think deeply about your problems while caring for our creativity and mental health.

We are available for keynotes, workshops, and coaching, but our next consulting availability will be in June 2023.

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Keynotes and workshops

Pricing for keynotes and workshops varies depending on the content, length of the talk, and a few other factors

Keynotes are normally 90 minutes long, made up a 45 to 60-minute talk, followed by an interactive 30 to 45-minute Q&A session.

Workshops can range from 3 hours to multiple days depending on the topic and how deep we want to go on the topic.

Voted by 10,000+ attendees as the only 4-time Adobe MAX Master as one of the 20 best speakers at the event.
Adobe MAX
"Hugely engaging, dynamic with new age thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed each chapter, how it was articulated and presented."
Delivered the highest rated main stage keynote in the history of HOW Design Live.
HOW Design Live
“I’ve heard everyone from Seth Godin to Jared Spool to Guy Kawasaki to Malcolm Gladwell and countless people in between but can honestly say Stephen was far and away and without reservation one of THE best presentations I’ve ever seen.”
Adobe MAX
“Your talk was perfect, honest and exactly what designers need to hear. A true inspiration and I can’t get over how fortunate we were to have your voice speaking the truth”
Design Thinkers Vancouver
"Terrific! So knowledgeable and so cool! Had some mind blowing insights and techniques. I've always struggled to generate great ideas and they have given me the skills to do so."
Adobe MAX
"Its like he takes my trash pile of head muck and gracefully sorts it out into organized, color-coded insights" 
Adobe MAX
"The best, most inspiring session. There is nothing, that I have heard, directed towards leaders in the creative industry that is as powerful as this session."
Adobe MAX
“This keynote was simply amazing. LOVED the presentation theme, and Stephen was totally genius. I appreciated his well-thought reflexions, sense of humour and deep knowledge and experience.”
NICE Interactions

We can create custom content, or you can choose from talks and workshops on a variety of inspiring and impactful topics. Those could include understanding your team's real value, overcoming common corporate barriers, building trust within your team and with other teams, understanding imposter syndrome, and many more. We are also an IDEO certified Design Thinking instructor, having spent 2 years working with them on our curriculum.​

I will work with you to customize the talk or workshop to the make sure it has the takes on any issues or the outcomes you want the team to work on or walk away with.

All will have clear takeaways, will help the team look at their work in new ways, and will have a tangible impact right aways but they have also been created to cause everyone to ask questions and create a real impact. The content has been refined them over years, working with companies like Google, Amazon, Meta, Nike, The Home Depot, Apple, and many more

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Career and Leadership Coaching


Career coaching sessions are $500 USD per session for one session or $350 USD per session if you get a block of five sessions.

In career coaching, we will work together through individual or a series of sessions to help you progress in your career. Individual sessions help you work through a current problem giving you insights and actionable takeaways. We can also book blocks of multiple coaching sessions where we will work together to create a coaching plan that will focus on specific areas of your career you want to improve.

You can pay them personally through various online payment services before each session, or I can work with your employer to become a vendor and invoice the coaching back to the company.


Leadership coaching sessions are $1000 USD per session.

In leadership coaching, we will work together to create a coaching plan that focuses on areas like helping to improve your leadership skills, organizational strategy, team development, process refinements, design methodologies, and other challenges that come with being a design leader. To help you and your team make the fastest progress and get the most value, we will share the artifacts, processes, playbooks, and best practices I have developed throughout my career and learned working alongside some of the world's best teams.

We commonly work with your employer to become a vendor and invoice the coaching to the company as we will work on specific leadership or team deliverables that will benefit the business and team.

The most important thing in all of our coaching sessions, whether is a single meeting or an ongoing series, is that we establish clear goals, we work together to help you meet those goals, and make sure you walk away from every session to new insights, perspectives, and actionable next steps.

After each session, we will send you a recording of the session, written notes on what was discussed, any artifacts that were shared in the session, and a recap of the next steps we agreed on.

All coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and can be scheduled on a recurring weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, or when you need them through a Calendly link.

Not sure if you want to make this commitment right away? We also offer free mentoring through ADP List so you can see the impact for yourself.

If you aren't sure if you want to make that type of commitment right away then I also make 3 thirty minute free mentoring sessions available every Friday through The Amazing Design People List. These sessions often book up very quickly but new session become available every Monday.