Meet the CRZY's

Our team is committed to going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results, guided by a shared vision and a relentless pursuit of excellence. From brainstorming groundbreaking ideas to executing seamless projects.

We only have three full-time employee and two dogs, and two cats on staff for a reason. We build our teams from the world's best talent on a project or fractional basis, led by Stephen Gates, so you get the best talent at the best price. We then partner with you and integrate with your teams to understand your challenges, products, and culture so we can adapt our style and processes to get the best results. This means we can work for a fraction of our time among a few clients, work deeply for months on a strategy and product problem for a single client, or spend an hour giving your team a world-class keynote.

Stephen Gates

Founder and Executive Creative Director

A global design leader who has worked every day for the past 15+ years to find the experience and confidence that has allowed me to become a different type of design leader. I don't approach leadership in a typical way, so I don't create typical work, teams, and results. I previously worked at InVision, Citi, Starwood Hotels, WW, and McCann Erickson, building teams that created award-winning global advertising campaigns, multiple Fortune 100 brands, and innovative digital experiences. I share what I've learned through my international speaking engagements and his award-winning podcast, The Crazy One, which is an in-depth exploration of issues that matter to creatives, including leadership, creativity, career development, innovation, and more. My work has received over 150 international awards. My app designs have been named one of the World's 100 Greatest Apps. HOW Magazine named him one of the most talented and influential creatives working today. Apple has featured my work in 10 keynotes and more.

Natasha A.S. Wolfe, CSM®

Head of Design Operations

An innovative and results-driven Design and Design Process leader with 15+ years of experience heading up cross-functional teams, mentoring, optimizing and seeking out ways to make things better. Always on the lookout for ways to boost revenue, increase efficiency and align design strategies with business objectives. A true project maestro who makes it all seem easy.

Savannah Graham

Creative and Strategy Director

A designer with a lifelong passion for fine art, seamlessly integrating artistic principles into my design process. My diverse professional journey, including roles as a photographer, photo retoucher, and brand identity designer, has fostered a deep appreciation for the transformative power of visual media. Drawing inspiration from travels, nature, and the enchanting realms of fantasy, I infuse wonder and magic into my designs.


Let’s get CRZY by exploring new ideas and ways of working together. Get in touch with us and let’s go put a dent in the universe.