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Contact forms are so impersonal and anonymous, so why don't we try something different.

If you think we might be a good fit for your next project, keynote, workshop, or coaching session, then we would love to talk! Instead of a contact form that always feels like it goes nowhere, send us an email to hello@crzydesign.com and let us know what you are thinking!

No worries if you hate writing emails like this because here is a starting point you can copy, fill in blanks, and use to get the conversation going.

To: Hello@crzydesign.com
Subject: [ YOUR COMPANY ] has an idea we need to discuss!

My name is [ YOUR NAME ], and I’m a [ YOUR ROLE ] at [ YOUR COMPANY ]. I wanted to find some time to talk about a [ PROJECT / KEYNOTE / COACHING SESSION ] which we are hoping to [ START / HOLD ] on [ DATE / TIMEFRAME ].

We have been doing our research and also heard a lot of great things about your work from [ THEIR NAME ].

I’m happy to provide any other detail you need when we talk, so how does [ AVAILABLE DAY OR WEEK ] look for you?