Strategy & Design

Blackened 72 Seasons


Blackened Whiskey




2023 - 24

Creating the design behind a new Blackened edition that puts Metallica's album 72 Seasons in a bottle.

When Metallica released their latest Grammy winning album 72 Seasons we were asked to design a bottle,. advertising, marketing and sales materials so commemorate this occasion.

The resulting work was Blackened's fastest selling product of all time.

  • • Creative direction
  • • Visual design
  • • Advertising & marketing materials
  • • Sales materials
  • • Video direction
  • • Photography
  • • AI generated product photography
  • • Packaging design

Packaging design

We created a new design direction for the product integrating a font we created with James Hetfield, and the start of a long term product strategy to further differentiate the product design. We handled everything from the initial design concepts from the final COLA submissions, shippers, and bottle decoration files for all vendors.

COLA submission
Bottle decoration

Advertising + marketing

We created a wide range of marketing and adverting executions across multiple channels and events for consumers, trade, ins-store, and sales team. The result was a sell-out online in under 48 hours, and the full in-store sellout shortly thereafter.

Instagram teaser
Reveal video from Metallica
Neck hanger
Display rack
Case card
Announcement video
Social media posts
In-store displays
Web site promo
Brand card

The results

48 hours

after launch for an online sell out


Instagram post likes

Virtual photoshoot

As we worked with Blackened, it became clear that we needed to create more impactful photography, but we were challenged as the segment slowed down and budgets became tighter. We pivoted from large studio shoots to a much leaner approach where we shot the product in our studio and created the rest of the image in Midjourney and Adobe Firefly, which allowed us to have much great creativity, a more interactive workflow with our client, and much faster and cheaper process.

MidJourney visual concept explorations
MidJourney concept visual we created in real time with out client.
Product photoshoot done in our studio which we then look into Midjourney where we engineered our prompts to match the camera, lens, and lighting.
Mural of the iterative design concepts we worked on with our clients
Final images for advertising, e-commerce and PR

PR photoshoot

We shot all new photos with our team and Master Distiller Rob Dietrich as we wanted to bring a more elevated look, a higher end quality, and more personality to these normally boring shots used for press and PR.


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