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Blackened + Metallica




2023 - 24

Telling the story behind why Metallica created Blackened Whiskey, their creative process, and more.

As we took over the strategy and design behind Blackened, it quickly became clear that one of the brand's challenges was the need to tell the origin story of the brand and explain why Metallica was the only group who could pull it off. By not having done this, it often appeared as though the brand was only interested in making money, and that the sonic enhancement technology was a gimmick - neither of which were true. So, we wanted everyone involved to talk about the brand in their own words and leverage the magnetic draw that comes from people hearing directly from the members of Metallica.

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A 10 part interview series created in collaboration with legendary photographer Danny Clinche

Danny Clinch is an award-winning photographer and multi-disciplinary artist. His work has appeared in publications such as Vanity Fair, Spin, Rolling Stone, GQ, and Esquire, on hundreds of album covers, and in many global advertising campaigns. He has published four books: Discovery Inn, When The Iron Bird Flies, Motor Drive, & Still Moving. Danny has also directed various short films and music videos, and has received three Grammy Award nominations for his work as a director. In recent years, Danny has expanded his presence in the beloved, iconic city of Asbury Park, NJ, as a founder and partner for the groundbreaking music, surfing, and arts festival Sea.Hear. Now. and with the launch of his own Transparent Clinch Gallery.

Visual identity

We wanted to create a visual identity that was in line with both the Metallica and Blackened brand as well as create iconography that would highlight this unique collaboration feeling more like a tour poster than advertising.

Band poster
Guitar picks
Promotional poster
Video teaser and opener

A 10 part interview series

For nearly six years, Blackened had been a thriving force in the world of spirits. However they had never had Metallica and their master distiller, Rob Dietrich, sit down to explain the original of the brand. They had never explored the genesis of its creation, the unique essence that only Metallica could infuse into it, or the genuine passion and commitment they all shared for the brand.

Recognizing the importance of capturing this momentous discussion, we took the initiative to conceive, design, direct, and edit an exclusive interview series. With the renowned rock 'n roll photographer, Danny Clinch, behind the lens, we orchestrated a day-long shoot at Giant Stadium, setting the stage for this profound conversation to unfold. Against the backdrop of one of the band's tour stops, we sought to immortalize the essence of Blackened and the unparalleled synergy between Metallica and the art of distillation.

Series trailer
Raising The Bar | Metallica & Rob Dietrich
Uniquely Metallica | Metallica & Rob Dietrich
How they got their start | Metallica & Rob Dietrich
The Core of Collaboration | Metallica & Rob Dietrich
Crafted With Pride | Metallica & Rob Dietrich

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