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2023 - 24

Designing a new digital platform that merges cutting edge behavioral science and AI to change the job hunt forever.

At Truepath.ai was created on the belief that everyone is unique, and this uniqueness shouldn’t be lost when applying for a job. In fact, they believe that what makes you, you, also makes you more likely to possess a unique set of skills. By blending what they know about skill requirements for jobs with personality insights that speak to the types of work settings and styles that are best suited to you, they aim to create innovative resumes and cover letters that offer you more mobility, growth, and equity in today's evolving job market.

  • UI / UX Design
  • • Creative direction
  • • Advertising & marketing materials
  • • Visual design
  • • Video direction

A simple but powerful value proposition

We offer a comprehensive solution, ensuring you never have to write a resume again.

• Take their 3-minute personality assessment to identify professional strengths and ideal work environments created by the world's leading behavior scientists Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Seymour Adler..
• Upload work history and target job description.
• Receive a customized resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn bio based on the plan you choose.
• Apply with confidence using applications tailored with skills most sought after by employers.

We've collaborated with the Burning Glass Institute, a leader in workforce research, to develop a unique database of in-demand skills categorized into essential skills (commonly requested by employers) and hot skills (specialized skills with high growth potential and wage premiums). Utilizing natural language processing, machine learning, and AI, our partners analyze millions of job postings to identify these skills, which we then recommend for inclusion in your job application materials.


We wanted to create a brand that would feel honest and something people could trust since we are dealing with something as personal as someone's psychological makeup and career, but we also wanted to inject it with life and energy in a segment that often feels cold and corporate.

Human / Trustworthy

The customers (and pre-customers) are seen as human beings, and treated as such. We have empathy for their real lives and have their best interest in mind, which is manifested in every detail around the product experience. We are not selling marketing fluff or empty promises, we are here to affect real human change.

Unafraid / Creative

The system is broken, and it requires taking leaps to transform it. We aren't shy to think outside the box, because we firmly believe in the vision of a better world and know that creativity is essential to get there. We are venturing to change large, hegemonic industries, and we're going to have fun while doing it.

Transparent / Candid

Hard truths and unspoken issues aren't overlooked; they are tackled with transparency and grace. We are prudent with our promises, and provide clarity into our process. We are compassionate and non-avoidant communicators.

Actionable / Impactful

So many out there are promising the moon with nothing to show. We are well aware that to earn our place, we must provide our customers with value that has a real impact on their lives. We have our feet on the ground and are making real steps forward.

The results

36 hours

to reach initial customer sign up goal which was estimated to take 3 weeks


click through rate on online advertising

UI / UX Design

We create the UI/UX design for the entire product from the group up starting with a product MVP and then moving into a wider GA release. The initial stage was to be able to test the personality assessment, see if people thought it had the deep value we felt it did, and test if they would use it as a tool for their career, and even share it with their colleagues to help advance their careers.


We created multiple static and video campaigns for Facebook and LinkedIn. We wanted to create something that felt more human, pointed and emotional than anything else we had seen in the segment. This approach worked incredibly well as all campaigns exceeded their goals driving sign-ups at a rate that far exceeded their goals.


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